An Esoteric Call to Arms – The Universal Medicine cult’s initial propaganda push

TypistThe date on this email from SergeProp commandant, Rebecca Baldwin reveals the cult’s reaction to the Medical Observer breaking the first news article exposing UM’s questionable practices. Her call to fellow cult devotees was the birth of the ubiquitous Esoteric ‘truth’ sites where there is zero tolerance for facts.

Email addresses and other contact details have been removed, but we’ve left in most of the recipients, including cult doctors, Sergio hisself, the Benhayon clan, and the lawyers, including Brisbane barrister, Charles Wilson, and Melbourne lawyer and Esoteric Breast Masseuse, Serryn O’Regan, both directors of UM’s registered charity, the College of Universal Medicine.

From: Rebecca Baldwin [mailto:]
Sent: Friday, 20 July 2012 7:42 AM
To: Rebecca Baldwin
Cc: Gabriele Conrad; Anne McRitchie; Anne Malatt; Jonny Baldwin; Rod Harvey; Melinda Rowe; Kate Gamble; Eunice Minford; Sarah Baldwin; D E S I G N – A R T S; Andrew Baldwin; Rachel Hall; Jane Keep; Natalie Benhayon; Curtis Benhayon; Kate Gamble; Victoria Lister; Victoria Carter; Serge UniMed; Adam Warburton; Nicola Lessing; Hannah Flanagan;  Jacqui Mc; emilia pettinato; Maxine Szramka; Jane and Joe; kris ..; Sam Kim; Anne Malatt; Eunice Minford; Harmonyinmovement Loveless; Kate Greenaway; Mary-Louise Myers; Rebecca Baldwin; Curtis Benhayon; Michael Benhayon; Simone benhayon; Natalie Benhayon; Deborah Benhayon; Clayton Lloyd; D E S I G N – A R T S; Gabriele Conraf; Janet Williams; Charles Wilson; Serryn O’Regan; Cameron Bell; Paula Fletcher
Subject: Writing Project

Dear fellow students,

I am writing to you all because, like me, I know you have a love of the expression of truth in the written word and I know that for many of you there is a strong impulse for that truth to have voice and expression in the public domain.

If you are like me you will have been well aware of the corruption of true and accountable expression on the internet and in the press, for a very long time, and likely for most of you, this was well before we found a common ground in being students of the Esoteric as presented by Serge Benhayon.

Recently we have seen the truth not only distorted but blatantly and dishonourably disregarded in the reportage of Serge Benhayon by Byron Kaye in the Medical Observer. This was a result of a small pack of individuals on the Rick Ross forum. The article is attached for your reference. Consider that this article was published despite a number of letters from our doctor’s and health practitoners and substantial evidence (Serge’s live EsoMed audio’s) being presented to the journalist in question. A part from this ‘official’ coverage the lies and the mis-representation have been constant from those angry few on the Rick Ross forum, who are nonetheless very prolific content producers on online forums and blogs, and often go under multiple anonymous identities to hammer home their point.

 So where have we been?

There is a vacuum in space where our love and words should be. It is time to write people. The true story requires our voice. It is time to get ourselves out of the way and take a stand for what we feel is true. The inspiring news is that the few who are writing like Eunice Minford and Jacqui Mc and Sally Scott and Rachel Hall are making a huge impact in Google Search Results. Jewels by J is currently ranking third on Google for the search term Universal Medicine — all because she took the time to write one blog entry on her website! 

But here is the ouch, guess who is Ranking Number two? The Rick Ross ‘Cult’ Education Forum. 

Why? Because they constantly update their written content and they constantly mention the words Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. Just take a moment to consider what this says about us as a student body if 6 to 12 angry bloggers can make more of a dent in the media than us — with all the love and support we have available, and with all the true love and brotherhood we know to be possible and have ourselves deeply experienced. 

This is not a call to defend our position— it is about going forth and expressing a love that many of us have been hiding or been cautious to express in a public way, myself included. If they want to play nasty, they will, it doesn’t mean we can’t also play — but lovingly, firmly so. We will keep asking the questions that expose the emptiness that the attacks are fuelled by. But one thing is clear– it is high time we get in the game and get active– if we don’t make a move, our lack of loving expression IS our move — The empty space this leaves is a forfeit, a loss; it is a choice for prana and it is not only our loss, it is their loss as well, as it is ALL of humanity’s.

I propose we meet up to discuss a course of action at the next EDG. I feel it is time, and I know from your emails that I am not alone, that we make our own blogs and write our own content and make the truth available to all those who choose to see it. We are not writing to convert or convince, we are writing to allow others a true choice with all the facts presented and unpacked. But we must write united, it is too much for one or two to do. We can support each other and coordinate our efforts and make a real difference to the availability of true accounts of what it means to be a Student of Universal Medicine and a student of the Esoteric, in the true sense of that word, on the internet and in the press. But this is not just about the truth of our experience of Universal Medicine being available in the public domain, it is about making a stand for the truth to have a voice in the public domain, it is about not letting those who from their deep hurt and jealously would bully us out of expressing freely and clearly the love we know we are from. It is about expressing that love so that the truth of that loving expression and the reflection it offers is available to all equally, should they choose it. We can’t keep the love we know to be true for ourselves only, for our community only. It is time to let the brotherhood and true love we have felt reflected to us, reflect out, for everyone. 

If you are interested in being a part of this project please let me know and I will further expand on the details in a follow up email. This is a project that I am coordinating in my own free time. It requires committed people to take part. By choosing to be part of this project you are choosing to write with true integrity. It will involve writing and editing mainly for the web but also possibly for print. Please go to the Rick Ross forum,107998,page=1 and educate yourselves about what is being written and the extent of which our personal emails and notes are being used as fodder for their reactionary, highly emotionally charged outbursts. (this will not greatly increase their Search rankings, linking to them and posting has more of an affect on their results) I can recommend from experience that you don’t yourself sign up to the site. I did, and I learnt me a good lesson…that a website is a place, and going into those rooms was like going to a criminal’s house, (and Rick Ross, the owner of that site is a known and convicted criminal). There is no room for true discussion there because their minds are already made up that we are brainwashed. We have to make our own house. I can guarantee the place will have a much more lovely feel, and if its not chosen by them to feel it, the broader public will at least have the opportunity.

Please keep this email confidential, I would like for the project to take shape and be off the ground before it is publically known about. 

If you feel there are others in the Student Body who you feel would like to be a part of what I am tentatively calling the ‘Student Writing Project’ then please let me know first via email and I will get in touch with them personally. 

I look forward to working together on this should you feel the impulse to take part. Now more than ever it requires our urgent and loving attention.

with much love,


My favourite part is ‘PLEASE KEEP THIS EMAIL CONFIDENTIAL!!’ Rebecca would doubtless have an Esoteric tizz if she knew how many cult members’ Inboxes  it had been through before it landed in mine.

11 Comments on “An Esoteric Call to Arms – The Universal Medicine cult’s initial propaganda push”

  1. Darkly Venus says:

    What I find interesting in that mailing list is who is missing. No Miranda Benhayon. And why would that be?

    Does she have a private email address, or is every communication with her vetted by Serge?

    And no Sarah Davis. For those who haven’t heard, our fave anti-free speech cult front Real Media Real Change, has shut down it’s website. Perhaps it’s due to the pasting it received from Universal Medicine Accountability for the spectacular flop of its cyber bullying conference, which was no doubt held to intimidate the likes of us, and for it’s shameless promotion of the abusive Esoteric Women’s Health practices.

    Perhaps Sarah saw the light (or the dark of what she’s been involved in) and has sensibly gotten herself out, or perhaps the cult is changing tack again. They’ve shut down the Esoteric Breast Massage site and it now redirects to Esoteric Women’s Health – same abuse, different branding.

    Either way, Byron Kaye’s ‘reportage’ (sic) never was the ‘result of a small pack of individuals’. It was the result of UniMed’s questionable ethics and practices, a lot of sleazy and deceptive conduct, and a lot of damage done. UniMed has made a rousing success of pissing people off in increasing numbers, and no doubt, whatever front they try and set up next, our tip offsters (thank u and keep em coming!!!) will be onto them.

    And the exposure will continue until it’s all out, Serge, every last atom.

    • Darkly Venus says:

      2 updates.

      RMRC bounced back. Maybe they were doing some maintenance or something, but there’s nothing new on the site. Denialist gloating about their failures etc.

      Word from the UK is the 5 day retreat numbers ended up being 50% down on last year. No doubt a result of a small pack of loveless males.

      The Benhayons are still raking it in though.

  2. You know whos Brother says:

    I think it was only confidential between Rebecca hitting send and the micro-second it took to hit our various moles in-boxes. I remember Rebecca trying to “play ball” with the posters on Rick Ross. Once she was asked a few questions she went to ground. Denial is very powerful; even there she was no capable of answering questions. Her version of Truth (bold) is “denial of evidence and facts”. True to form, her call to arims is a distortion of facts (TGA/one blogger masquerading as many) mixed with an ad hominen attack. The flaccid retort of those who position is irrational and indefensible…so there.

    But I do find it interesting that the certainty of their mutual denial is so powerful Rebecca directs the members to the Rick Ross blog where the beans are spilled on Serge in detail. She either didn’t read it properly, or they really have their heads stuck up their backsides where it is very dark. But yummy.

    Well in case Rebecca is reading this, let me say this lovely one. You support a man (I use the term loosely) who wantonly leaves a trail of imploded families in his wake. You know it is true because you know many of those families, quite well. You’ve even assisted in their downfall by involving them in your delusional campaign to protect your master. The only wonder is why the people he pissed off over the last decade didn’t act sooner. And while you might only be aware of 6 to 12 bloggers (or one very busy and creative one) I can assure you there are scores of others who don’t blog that feel exactly the same way. Do you think that these people all share a common delusion or ’emptiness’, or perhaps are responding in like to a very real problem they all share? Now I know you lot all think it is the ‘new era’ and that resistance in the pranic loveless detractors will be higher, and the LOF’s will do whatever they can do stop the ‘one unified truth’ emerging and all the other mind traps that Serge has set you up with (including at the current retreats) but the truth is really simple. The world will go on till the sun explodes, a comet hits us or we wipe ourselves out in a religious war. There’s no cosmic conspiracy, 2600 year cycles, LOF’s, and Serge is not the master of anything except a good confidence trick. No Rebecca, I am not in resistance to the “truth”, controlled by an entity, and nor would I see if differently if I was more gentle, feminine, soulful, esoteric…because The FACTS are there for all to see if you just open your eyes and take a look. Or if you want to come in from the cold and join the real world, contact us and we will give you all the FACTS you need. Now that will BLOW your mind.

  3. Feline Aphrodite says:

    Rebecca wrote this above:”We are not writing to convert or convince, we are writing to allow others a true choice with all the facts presented and unpacked.”

    They are so writing to TRY to ‘convert and convince!’

    It is this site – Facts and Accountability that ‘presents the facts unpacked.’

    EG: Their views towards the disabled and sick is so cruel and ugly, yet they are a registered charity!

    Oh dear what an $O$ this is/was – $ave Our $erge.

    REAL TRUTH prevails…….well done PP & DV.

    PS: It is only the TRUTH of what really goes on – that you write about.

  4. Scarlet says:

    I was thinking to myself today, wouldn’t it be a hint of a truly ‘lovingness’ ‘awesomeness’ gesture, (considering that Universal Medicine and $B go on and on about ‘Truth and Integrity’ and they charge $$$$$$$$$’s and make $$$$$$$$$$$’s profit from all of these Retreat$ etc & drive the best cars, – UM $B enjoy all the perks of a Charity and so on it goes) ………If the gave generously to those who are suffering and less fortunate than themselves.

    • Nup, Scarlet. No dice. Doing stuff for people is PANDERING and intefering with their bad karma and all of that. The cult makes Ayn Rand look compassionate.

  5. Scarlet says:

    It is morally corrupt and criminal in my eyes, to fleece people of their the dollars that they have worked hard for and take all the perks of a Charity and GIVE NOTHING back to the community. BIG BUSINESS is all they are and so greedy…..Pranic isn’t that the word they would use?
    Is it true that UM blame the disabled and sick for their plight? Shameful and disgusting.

  6. Feline Aphrodite says:

    Dear Scarlet, yes it makes your/our heart feel so so sad because not only do they $B UM NOT HELP the disabled and less fortunate than themselves, but $B UM BLAME the disabled/sick & less fortunate person for the plight that they are suffering – like PP confirmed $B UM says it’s Karma.
    I think the Government Officials who are responsible to help the disabled should be notified.
    Like you Scarlet, I feel it is so so wrong that they are a Charity, especially with Cult teachings such as these. No conscience. There are those who are Dr’s who belong to this sick organisation. As you said it is just BIG BUSINESS.

  7. Jesus Christ! says:

    If you want to know what the members think of Sergey boy, this is from the mouth of a child of a member overheard telling a friend in the school yard.

    “I know God exists because Mummy says that a friend of her Serge is just like Jesus. Yes, he’s jesus come back to life”

    Well, I’ve known Serge for quite a number of years, and if he is jesus, jesus we are in big trouble.

    • Lord! lol. Thanks for this.

      Proof really, that ANYONE can start a religion.

      I’d start the Church of non complex carbohydrates if I could get off the couch.