Serge Benhayon’s false feminism, true misandry and hitting the paedophilia button


Esoteric Development Group Message 23 begins with a question:

A revelation for all students to ponder –

Have you been part of a brainwashing cult that UniMed’s teachings have pulled you out of? (Benhayon, EDG Message 23, undated, p.1)

In an extraordinary feat of subversion that quandary spirals into an extended hissy fit on the ills of the world outside the Universal Medicine cult. The whole thing is too long and too mind bending for one blog post, so in celebration of Universal Misandry week we’ll stick to the parts where Serge tells us how he really feels about men – opening the  flood gates of hate with a pitch to women’s feelings of oppression and winding up with his pet trauma trigger – paedophilia. 

We promise you’ll cop an abridged version of the preceding madness at a later date, including lines like this:

In the temporal world, we are bombarded with lies that are taught as irrefutable truths.

And these are peddled by the current crop of religions and by the universities and similar educating bodies of this world…

What is called mainstream/conventional life is nothing more than a brain-washing cult that easily preys on anyone who is not impulsed by their Soul or does not live from their inner-heart. These are words ‘they’ loathe hearing. (pp.5-6) 

But for now we’ll do what Serge is incapable of and keep to a limited number of themes. A couple of linguistic notes to watch for is the way Serge frequently conflates his trigger themes – women’s debilitation, men’s lovelessness/abusiveness, sexual violence – especially paedophilia – and charity. Note that Serge usually precedes his calls for donations and his sales pitches for cult music with some rant about the evil PRANIC! 😮 world. The ploy is a twist on Ericksonian sales techniques, where he has to make his targets feel like crap before he can sell them the ‘self-nurturing’ ‘self-loving’ divine ‘Soulfulness’ and ‘energetic integrity’ of his godawful muzak and the privilege of throwing their hard earned money at his property portfolio. Note also that within the original notes he uses a range of text sizes, two different fonts and four or five colours, so the text has a loony, chaotic tone. Too much hassle to reproduce here, but you’ll get the idea.

Disclaimer: our recommendation for anyone proceeding with Message 23 with reasonable mental health or wanting to preserve what they have left, it’s best done in a padded environment.

The mainstream cult works like this –

So long as what the cult members are told does not ask them to be responsible for all that takes place, you are free to say, state and or claim anything.

But, you will be a heretic, an anti-Semite and a cult leader by their definition if you teach that we are one and that only love will work for us all equally.

And so, the mainstream cult has what it calls truth and what it calls not true but not what actually is truth and what is not true, much less allow the Energetic Truth to be accepted as the only true truth.

One would assume the Energetic Truth would be the sought after type of truth given that we live in a world where everything is energy … even in the mainstream cult the latter fact is a truth.

Can you imagine what would happen if a man today taught and or wrote in a book that is claimed to be from God the following — 

a. “A woman who becomes pregnant and gives birth to a son will be ceremonially unclean for seven days, just as she is unclean during her monthly period. On the eighth day the boy is to be circumcised. Then the woman must wait thirty-three days to be purified from her bleeding. She must not touch anything sacred or go to the sanctuary until the days of her purification are over. If she gives birth to a daughter, for two weeks the woman will be unclean, as during her period. Then she must wait sixty-six days to be purified from her bleeding. These are the regulations for the woman who gives birth to a boy. She is to bring two doves or two pigeons, one for a burnt offering and the other for a sin offering. In this way the priest will make atonement for her, and she will be clean.”
— Leviticus 12: 1-8

b. If a woman gives birth to a girl she is unclean for twice as long.

If the above religious law was written today, such a man would certainly not be from God, he would be accursed of utter discrimination against women and, deemed to be evil and any of his followers would likewise deemed to be in a cult. But in the mainstream cult, the book that is allowed to have such teachings and instructions in it, is considered a holy book and to be the holy words of God. What is easily seen here is how outrageous discrimination is somehow ‘holy’ when it has been allowed to be around for thousands of years and where there are big enough numbers to support it unchallenged, but if one or a small group challenge and or expose it as the sheer discrimination it is, it is deemed an evil cult…(pp.6-7)

Okay, Sergio, hold the bus. The book of Leviticus IS challenged constantly by pretty much every member of sane humanity, including feminists, LGBT people and most Christians. Atheists go without saying. The only people who accept it are extreme Christian fundamentalists. What planet have you been on?

Don’t answer that.

Sergio believes he INVENTED feminism!

Some of the staunchly fought-for truths of the mainstream cult are –…

5. Women we are told are to endure painful childbirth as well as the unclean period of menstruation because they sinned first.

6. Women are to have children, this is what they do and if they do not, they must question their womanhood and thus their standing in this cult’s ‘mainstream’ society.

Hang on again. I know Message 23 is undated, but when did he write this? Must have been when he was the non homosexual Leonardo Da Vinci (a story for another day) scribbling away at the twilight of the dark ages. Or maybe Serge has been taking notes from the Taliban.

7. Also, women must ignore their innate ability to feel and know what is true love and put up with whatever their already denatured man dishes out because he is providing — even if he is abusive.

8. And so, accepting sex at the expense of their bodies is part of being a woman in this cult, for you are frigid, cold and not beautiful if you do not. And therefore, it is the woman who is at fault if they say no to sex … the kind that men like to use to relieve themselves by using the woman.

9. In the mainstream cult it is ok to leave a woman who does not ‘putout’, obey or comply, but not ok for her to leave his abusive and unloving behaviours.

Again, Sergio must hail from another planet where women hate sex and either have no rights or don’t exercise them. Where women’s rights are compromised or denied he paints himself as the saviour. His remedy for female oppression is to join his cult where he will teach us how to be women while wanting us to believe that all the men in our lives are ‘loveless’ bastards. He never says a word about women pursuing sex recreationally in celebration of their bodies, enjoying it, feeling great about it, and loving and appreciating their male sex partners. Nor does he talk about women’s ability to gain immense pleasure from sex, and being more likely to experience multiple orgasms than men. Sorry to rub it in guys, but just as Serge writes all men off as crazed sex fiends, he NEVER mentions women’s enormous potential for physical pleasure, nor their desire – healthy, passionate, unapologetic, uninhibited desire, now lost to the women in the cult.

10. Men are from birth unlovingly conditioned to be a certain way, and then they are blamed for being that way.

11. This cult teaches that men can build behaviours that are unloving and that if those unloving behaviours are challenged, it comes from a cult leader and they are to be ignored or put a stop to.

12. In the mainstream cult, it is ok for men who are aggressive, depressed, rude and unloving to their partners and family to call those who teach a one-unified meaning of love, an evil cult.

13. Women too are allowed to call a cult anything that teaches them to remember their true beauty, tender essence and the amazing wise bearers of truth that they naturally are.

14. And look out if someone dares to bring a true form of healing that helps address the root issues of what is wrong in society – he/she must be a cult, how dare they offer such truth … who do they think they are? (pp.7-8)

Even skimming eight pages out of ten is an exhausting exercise. This must be how Benhayon wears the followers down. Anyway, to paraphrase the above bullshit: parents don’t love their sons. They raise them to be callous bastards without exception. The only person who notices that all men are bastards and all parents are failures is running a harmful multi-million dollar healing scam, but is defensive when it’s labelled a cult even if it satisfies all definitions. Said scam artist defines ‘healing’ as paternalistically dictating to women and men their gender identities, molesting sexual abuse victims, overcharging and overservicing for bogus therapies, instilling therapy dependency through manipulation and fear mongering, causing grievous bodily harm via the non nutritionally based diet and destroying relationships and families. Said scam artist takes exception to being exposed.

Moving down the list of crimes committed by mainstream cult members – imbibing caffeinated and sugary drinks, selling cigarettes instead of healing symbols, taking medication for illnesses and not recognizing that ‘everything is energy’ – the ‘world’s teacher’ and he of the ‘utmost integrity’ launches into a full blown Esoteric lather, attempting to obscure his own lack of accountability by shifting attention to evil mainstream churches.

But with a retinue of  descriptions that are a little too graphic.

22. And so, change the meaning of as many words as it is necessary and, as it is suitable so that one or the many can get away with almost anything … well, make that get away with anything they so choose. Need an example? How about the word ‘religion’, which originally means to re-choose, to re-connect or to re-bind, which fits perfectly in its true meaning with what the esoteric is all about. And so, why not make the word ‘religion’ to mean that one can have an institution that can operate above the law and that if it breaks the law, such as rape and or sodomise, that is – to sexually seek anal and oral intercourse with children and teenagers … they will not be de-institutionalised, shut-down or put in jail like any other cult or person would should they perform such violating gross injustices on children.

23. We rightly arrest the leaders of ‘cults’ that take advantage of children, but not arrest a pope and his cohorts who protect their own vile repeating child-offenders. And so, they are free to sodomise and thus completely de-moralise young children whilst all efforts are made to protect their religion even if it means to ignore the law and further crush the children it has violated by ignoring the horrendous crimes and putting their church above all such claims … another form of psychological violation for the multitude of victims that will further damage them and last life-long … but then again, it’s ok to further damage and humiliate the already deeply violated by ignoring if not arrogantly refusing their rights in this cult’s way of life. (p.9)

Why don’t you post that on your propaganda sites, Rebecca?


14 Comments on “Serge Benhayon’s false feminism, true misandry and hitting the paedophilia button”

  1. You know whos Brother says:

    F**k he is one twisted little monkey. He bald face accuses everyone/thing else of being a cult in a pathetic attempt to turn his ugly situation on its head. By definition, the mainstream or dominant paradigm cannot be a cult. A cult is an extreme subsection which has exclusive ideas. Moreover it is personality focused (serge) and revelation dependent (serge) He’s also back to projecting his stuff on everyone else. Now that is arrogant. What I like about it is that he is clearly ruffled and delusionally trying to justify himself. I hope these clearly hyperbolic ramblings of a madman have woken up a few sleeping members. But then given the way he twists everything around, they probably don’t know whether they are Arthur or Martha. Which is exactly what he is trying to achieve. God he is despicable. And gutless. Why doesn’t the take this up to some people haven’t had their heads tampered with and see how long he lasts. He might also step outside and face up to a few men whose lives he’s interfered with. But somehow I doubt that. First class coward.
    Long gone are the days Sergio was seen at Byron surfing with his little retinue of drop-ins in tow. Even he knows that the ‘cult’ of mainstream would like to have a stern man to man with him.

    • It has a loopy fire and brimstone tone to it, yes?

      We were tempted to post the whole thing or put it in the cloud and link to it, so punters can see the whole 10 pages of insanity in one hit, but we decided it’s probably a mental health hazard.

      Anyway, we’ll be posting more excerpts from it about the astral cult – because frankly it belongs on the internet for all the world to see – as a balance to the hearts and flowers propaganda.

      Speaking of which, the cult have blogged photos of their Vietnam retreat, and what an innocuous looking bunch of self loving humanity haters they are…

      The thing about Vietnam is the cult doesn’t have to black out the windows of the venue because no one is watching. Followers ought to think about the fact that Vietnam doesn’t have laws and accountability mechanisms like we have here, and if things get out of hand there, frankly they’re screwed, unless they pay the bribes. Also note that in celebration of Universal misandry week they have special photos of the male brides of Serge holding their own gathering – probably a pissing contest to see whose shrunk their testicles the most. After all, having a pair might mean standing up to the molestaton, privacy invasion, deception, destruction of families and other general abuse.

      And I wonder how many times Sergio pushed the paedophilia button at the last retreats. It’s a test you see. Of submission.

      • I ought to be more specific about things getting ‘out of hand’ at a UniMed retreat. What if you do some trauma regression or entity shifting and it triggers a psychotic episode or a grand mal seizure? What if Serge decides to try out the Deeper Femaleness technique, maybe on one of the 13 year old girls present – and yes, we know they were there. Followers are STILL dragging their adolescent daughters to these things regardless. What are you going to do in a 3rd world country with 3rd world hospitals and a 3rd world paramilitary police force big on kickbacks? Yeah, a couple of doctors were there too, including Eunice, but what are they going to do? Say you’ve got what’s coming to you because ‘everything is energy’?


  2. You know whos Brother says:

    “In the mainstream cult, it is ok for men who are aggressive, depressed, rude and unloving to their partners and family to call those who teach a one-unified meaning of love, an evil cult”

    This is his most strident attack on his critics- aka me and the other loveless men. Translated:
    “How dare you call me an evil cult leader just because I made out your are aggressive, rude and unloving by spending years whispering about how men are abusive and woman are divine in your partners ear. Its scurrilous lie!” “One-Unified Love”?? another spherical term for ‘my way or the highway” or in the language of the mainstream cult, hate and divisiveness.

    They’ve made a big effort to highlight the men at that retreat with those photos. I actually feel embarrassed for those guys. Willingly sitting there and listening to Serge stereotype them as villains and abusers; brought up incorrectly and only knowing how to relief themselves with woman ( that must be the sickest expression he has thought up in his evil cult leader mind) or leer at tits because they are ’emotionally fed’.

    Even his new smiling mug shot on his spruced up site (must have pandered to the mainstream there I think to make it less cult like me thinks Serge) doesn’t stop you getting a shiver up your spine at how nasty this guy really is, and how good he is at pretending he is exactly the opposite.

  3. This whole UM cult just becomes more and more sickening and concerning and heartbreaking.
    It certainly does send shivers up one’s spine as to just how nasty SB & UM cult promoters really are.
    UM promoters and SB are definitely in damage control at UMHQ’s – Photos now!! and spruced up site. What SB & UM is and stands for ‘thunders so loud you cannot hear what they are saying.” Evil stuff. I feel so much for all the innocent mates.

  4. Anon says:

    “Need an example? How about the word ‘religion’, which originally means to re-choose, to re-connect or to re-bind” (which fits perfectly in its true meaning with what the esoteric is all about)”

    Wikipedia- not much impressing going on there.

  5. Please can someone enlighten me?
    How does $B UM’s crackpot,evil, sick teachings marry with conventional medicine?

    As has been expressed numerous times if you want a headache and a heartache just TRY to read the rubbish $B and UM promoters churn out.

    Wake up Men please DO NOT listen to $erge’s destructive view of you. You are worth far more than that.

    Wake up Women it is not all about you.

    Very sadly followers male and female are just being used as cogs in $erge’s multi – million dollars business. A shonky bu$ine$$ is all UM is.

    For Medical Practitioners to belong to and promote $B UM and it’s evil ways, there has to be big money in it for them. This all defies any logic or moral conscience.
    Do these Medical Doctors use $B UM as a cover up for their lack of skills as Doctor’s?

    If you haven’t already please tell your story & send your complaints to the relevant authorities and your Politicians.

    • Darkly Venus says:

      UM’s crackpot teachings only marry with conventional medicine inside the woolly heads of the cult doctors, and in the cult struck bullshit they post on the internet and other places.

      Their peers think they are dangerous idiots.

  6. You know whos Brother says:

    The question was put (to Serge) – who are they (the ascended masters)?

    “Some of the Masters have been many pranic things in their earthly lives,- murderers, barbarians, paedophiles…..[in the past it took lifetimes to overcome. Now you can in one life]”

    EDG, 2010- Serge, the ascended master.

    • RJM says:

      Gee, I wonder what he could be trying to say there?

      • Time for the wikipedia definition of psychological projection:

        Psychological projection was first conceptualized by Sigmund Freud as a defence mechanism in which a person unconsciously rejects his or her own unacceptable attributes by ascribing them to objects or persons in the outside world instead. Thus, projection involves projecting positive or negative qualities onto others, and is a common psychological process. Theoretically, projection and the related projective identification reduces anxiety by allowing the expression of the unwanted unconscious impulses or desires through displacement.

        Over the next however long it takes, we’ll be making sure all of Sergio’s projections find their way onto the internet in searchable form. Believe me, we have way more of this stuff, and it’s all going up.

    • MacReady says:

      The Ascended Masters from days of yore who had to pay penance for their barbarism, murder & pedophilia over several lifetimes must be slightly miffed about having to slog it out in such unenlightened times. I imagine it must be frustrating for them to see that these days all you need to do to expunge your karmic debt of such transgressions is take a few New Age healing courses, rehash some already half-baked Theosophy scribblings, peddle the resultant mess as “one-unified truth” and Bam! Not only are you an instant Ascended Master (and not just any old Ascended Master, you are “The One”), but you’re a multi-millionaire to boot.

  7. What? What really is he trying to tell everyone!?

    • You know whos Brother says:

      The other question is how much do others close to him know of the ‘details’ of his ‘ascendency’?? I imagine quite a lot, and hence the unusual nature of the family. Complicit and culpable through a conspiracy of silence and cooperation. Although some have been less silent than they should at various times…