The Ascended Marital Strife of the Hierarchy


Yes, yes, human beings fall out with each other and behave in ugly ways and should cop a fine if they carry on like arses, etc. but hold the press! What if this carry on carried on within the soulful, gentle, yummy, self loving and self nurturing Church of Universal Medicine – toward one of the Ascended Masters herself? We know she’s an Ascended Master of the Hierarchy because SERGE SAID SO. It’s in our EDG student notes.

Man’s attack on wife’s car after split up

Thursday, March 07, 2013

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A man who returned to the marital home after splitting up from his wife told her he still owned her and had the marriage certificate to prove it.

Several days after breaking up David Michael Adams Nicholson returned to the house in Frome, started banging on the windows and then pushed his wife in the chest saying he could do what he wanted. The following morning the victim discovered her car had been dented and scratched with a key. Nicholson, 31, of Upper Vobster, was later interviewed by police and appeared before Somerset Magistrates where he pleaded guilty to causing £1,500 worth of damage to an Alfa Romeo belonging to Simone Benhayon between July 7 and 17. Ben Burge, prosecuting, said the couple had only married in 2011 but the following year their relationship started to break down. On July 2 the couple started to talk which turned into an argument and Nicholson said the marriage was over.

Mr Burge said: “On another occasion the defendant turned up and started banging on the windows of the property and Miss Benhayon went to speak to him outside but he pushed her in the chest area and said he could do what he wanted.

“She went inside the house and told him to leave and the next day she found that her Alfa Romeo had been dented and scratched as if it had been keyed.

When Nicholson was interviewed by police he said he was angry when he walked round his wife’s car and nobody else could have caused the damage except for him.

He told the magistrates that his behaviour was not admirable and was out of character for him.

“While it was deeply regrettable I now want to move forward and will never repeat anything like this again,” he said.

Nicholson was fined £200 and ordered to pay £500 compensation to Miss Benhayon. Costs of £85 and a £15 victim surcharge were also imposed.

Now everyone take a gentle breath. Dear David, you ought to be careful about that menful behaviour, and don’t you know emotions give you cancer? Serge said so.

14 Comments on “The Ascended Marital Strife of the Hierarchy”

  1. Thank you to our conscientious and tireless tip offsters for that little tidbit.

  2. ''OverLeonardo'sBullshit'' says:

    Perhap’s she should follow in the footstep’s of the Grand Ascended Master and marry somoeone a lot younger, that way she can be more Brainwashing, Manipulative and Controlling!!! Hopefully Mr Nicholson will end up with a decent Divorce Settlement 🙂

  3. Darkly Venus says:

    More of Sergio’s gender mashing, Simone the Ascended Master, no doubt one of the Brotherhood and a Son of God. But maleness is evil. NONE OF IT MAKES SENSE

    I can’t see why she can’t be an ascended mistress.

  4. pranabunny says:

    £15 victim surcharge? Ascended masters really are quite cheap these days…

    • Yep, the resale value is horrendously low. Hardly worth the investment considering a heap of followers, especially the ones who signed up as soon as Serge got off the toilet have now spent hundreds of thousands trying to work up the initiation scale. Only to find they’re still PRANIC! 😮 and not only are their terrestrial marital issues still pretty ordinary, the Ascended Mistress’ incarnation is just as grubby as everyone else’s. £15

      Except she has a nicer car.

  5. You know who says:

    What an abusive male! I can’t believe it. And an esoteric one at that, and son-in-law of the ascended master. You think he would be above such mundane things as getting angry at his wife– he must have known she was going to be a space cadet with an epic sense of entitlement. And I thought the energetically clear fleet of UM Alpha’s were immune pranic outbursts. Must be one of the Lords of Form took hold of poor Mike in an outburst against the purity and truth of UM and its earthly emissaries!

  6. RJM says:

    You’d think the reincarnation of Winston Churchill would be a little more adept at conflict management.

  7. ''OverLeonardo'sBullshit'' says:

    More adept at conflict management? Nahhh, she’s just in England that’s all, and just look’s like him, lol

    • Simone is not Serge’s natural daughter. She is roughly the same age as Miranda.
      I don’t have any direct information, but I have been led to understand that the genesis of Deborah and Serge’s relationship bears similarities to his current modus operandi.
      I do find it a little interesting that Simone is domiciled in the UK while the other children remain close to dad. I am sure that has influenced Serge’s dimwitted proclamation of her being Winston reincarnate; and also an ego stroking exercise to keep her in the fold. God knows what Simone is aware of. I think she represents a danger to Serge if she woke up from the spell.

      • Darkly Venus says:

        I fear it’s a pretty powerful spell, and the same one that stops all of the top rung UniMedders from blowing the whistle: $$$$$$$

        Let’s face it, the UniMed top rungs are a bunch of over remunerated under achievers. Take away their nice cars and the adulation and they’ve got nothing. NOTHING.

        Simone can at least stop people from drowning though.

        And OLB, poor girl DOES look like Churchill, lol.

        In Eunice’s case I doubt it’s the money that keeps her in pig headedly denying UM’s harms and plugging the malignant messiah. It’s her lethal combination of wack job, conspiracy theorist numbskullery plus haughty pseudo spiritual, pseudo intellectual arrogance.

  8. ''OverLeonardo'sBullshit'' says:

    Well who know’s, now that Mr Nicolson has crossed back over into the land of living, maybe he’s worth having a word to! Sure he would be up on all the goss, and now that he realise’s he’s married into a family of nothing more than mere mortal’s, he might even go the whole hog and spill the bean’s, lol. I doubt it though, Leonardo De Fuckwit has probably paid him off to keep his mouth shut Hope it’s in the Millions 🙂