Propaganda Slap Down


Anyone of us who’ve tried commenting on the Universal Medicine propaganda blogs knows our comments vanish into cyberspace faster than a bank transfer to Uruguay. On this site we take revenge. To save you the trouble of clicking on the ‘truth’ sites, I’ll post some lowlights from time to time. Irritatingly, they don’t vary much, and strangely they read as if they’ve all been written by the same clone, whose name might be Rebecca, but it’s still difficult to resist giving them a right skewering.

Yes, I am Amazing!

by Frank Tybislawski, Brisbane, Australia

Many years ago if you had asked me if I was amazing, I would have said ‘no’.

We didn’t ask you, Frank. And we’d say ‘no’ now as well.


Seeking Connection and True Relationships

by Dr Rachel Hall, Holistic Dentist, Kenmore, Brisbane

We live today in the most populated world in history, yet more people than ever feel lonely, detached and separated from society… and even from themselves. How can we, in the midst of all the people we meet every day, sometimes feel so alone?

Um, because you think you’re superior. For starters. And you spend your life thinking about how to self-love more effectively, ignoring the suffering you’re inflicting and never lifting a finger to help anyone else, because your arsehole guru has told you it’s ‘pandering’ and you didn’t just buy that toxic stew but you’re selling it too.

Believe me, if I wanted relationship advice, I won’t be asking a cult struck DENTIST. But no, Rachel is an Esoteric relationship EXPERT.

Through the teachings of the Ancient Wisdom presented by Universal Medicine, many people, myself included, have experienced a deeper sense of connection to themselves and other people.

Other people in the cult. But only if they keep forking out and don’t ask questions.

Little by little, I have been able let go of the ‘protective’ layer of toughness and start trusting my own inner feelings.

Yep, you used to be arrogant, but now you’re self centred as well.

In this way I share my love more equally and I feel connected to myself, others, Divinity and my essential nature, which I know to be love.

How kind to share your emotionless love. I bet those ‘others’ feel privileged.

I know there is a oneness to life and that I am not actually separate at all as I can feel my connection to everything in my heart.

Does that mean you feel ‘connected’ to the suffering of families unlucky enough to have a loved one in the cult?

Stick to pulling teeth. It’s less painful.

A Handbag & Life: How to Live in the Moment

by Matilda (UK)

There are those simple realisations that change everything.

Or nothing in your case.

The other day I noticed that I have a habit: at the end of every day I clear out my handbag – I file receipts, gather up change, tidy and restore to order… there is pleasure, comfort and deep satisfaction in this activity.

SO I wondered… why not live in every moment with this same attention and commitment so that there is nothing to ‘correct’, to ‘clear out’ at the end of the day?

Because it’s unsustainable. It’s not how the brain works and it’s not how life works. But the guru wants you to cling like the bejeesus to every MOMENT so you think the contents of your handbag more important than the grim picture of where your life in the cult is headed.

I came to realise that if I am not choosing to be all that I am in every moment (no perfection required or expected), then I am allowing the chaos of life to sneak into the driver’s seat and steer me into the chaos.

You mean the chaos of the colossal con you’ve been sucked into, and the chaos of your health, finances and relationships being dismantled by the ‘livingness’ lie?

Put the handbag over your head, things will look even simpler.

Modern Woman’ – a product of society or of her own true nature?

by Rebecca Baldwin

Ah, Rebecca’s unavoidable, self-loving static page on the Women in Lyingness blog. Pseudofeminist mind-fuck at it’s best from little Sergio’s most spirited defender.

What does ‘living as a woman’ look like in our current age?

Smoking hot, Rebecca. Especially from the right angle. Although it’s difficult to choose which is my best side.

…in reality we find ourselves still very much lacking in some advances and indeed in some ways the ‘equality’ we have fought hard to win has actually created greater and new complications.

We’ve won?

Tell that to a black woman.

You know Rebecca, you might have had some smarts if you put your energy into getting an education, instead of micromanaging a cult propaganda conglomerate.

Many of us are finding that we are big time multi-tasking under the demands of a society that now expects us to be the super-mum-career-woman-great-daughter-athlete-sex-kitten combo rolled into one.

You gave up on that a while back, darling.

It has become fairly standard for us to be generally racy, anxious, driven, deeply lacking in self-confidence or simply managing life as best we can.

Who is us?

Oh, you’re referring to your targets – Serge Benhayon’s potential victims.

But what would ‘living as a woman’ look like in today’s society if we were to first develop a deeply tender and nurturing relationship with our bodies and our selves?

We know where this is going and we know what it looks like. It looks like self centred, emotionally shut down, undernourished, insincere, desperate, fear based adherence to a similarly self obsessed clique of misandrist SergeBrides, because prior insidious indoctrination by Esoteric ‘healers’  has left these women spiritually, sexually and psychologically gutted.

It is important to note that the purpose of this blog is not to promote the Esoteric Women’s Health area of service (although those wanting more information can of course view the site)

Nope, no promotion there.

For instance, many women see their bodies as betraying them, their periods as a nuisance or inconvenience and the associated pain at best an annoyance but increasingly both debilitating and unmanageable for some. Many are suffering from endometriosis, sore or lumpy breasts, cysts, fibroids and the list goes on. And this is now considered quite normal by medical standards. But is this how it has to be? Or is there a greater harmony to be had? Much more on this will be explored in the following articles. This blog marks the start of a dialogue in the public domain about how we can come to know our bodies and live our lives from a knowing that is informed first from our own inner-feelings. In doing so we allow the possibility that we can instigate true and lasting change.

Change in what, Rebecca? Are you implying that roping your targets – women in states of hormonal debilitation – into the Esoteric Women’s Health vortex of unsubstantiated, untested, false claims to efficacy, with bonus privacy invasions, brings about change in their gyne conditions? Or are you referring to the irreparable changes in their relationship to self, apparent to anyone observing women who join the cult? They start seeing their bodies as dumping grounds for ‘negative energy’ and themselves as victims, eternally imposed upon from the very first of their tortured past lives.

Quite apart from categorising ourselves in such limiting ways as ‘women who burn their bras’ or ‘women who only wear push-up bras’ or by any other label,

Come on Rebecca, who does that? And your solution to self-stereotyping is to join a cult?

…we have an opportunity to return to the women we naturally and innately are, free from the ideals, expectations and images we have been fed.

Except that the Esoteric ‘women we naturally and innately are®’ are mentally clean slated with covert hypnosis and then fed a bunch of ideals, expectations and images concocted by a bankrupted delusional with a thing for inappropriate touching and young girls.

With your help.

And then pimped into the abusive Esoteric healing dependency enterprise.

The deep care we have for ourselves and the loving way we are with ourselves is the “quality we then bring to all others”(SB). So naturally our friends, husbands, partners, children, brothers and sisters all benefit from this approach.

And naturally your ‘friends’ LOL, husbands, partners, children, brothers and sisters are free to discuss those ‘benefits’ on your censorious blogs.

Really Rebecca, you deserve a propaganda category all of our own.


31 Comments on “Propaganda Slap Down”

  1. ''TheOne'' says:

    Stop picking on me and my girl’s you Bitch! Your causing great Hurty-ness ‘sob’. I cant help it if Im a con-man and Wack Job and make million’s from it 🙂 If you don’t stop I will get all my follower’s to fill your blog with Truth and Love, lol. Ooops even I thought that was funny! And on a final note, can you keep using Purple, it givé’s me a **

    • Ok, some of the purple prose at the end of your message didn’t pass the censor. Also, I don’t buy it that you’re really THE One. Your spelling and punctuation is too good for starters, and you only used one FONT. And no I won’t be showing you my tatt.

    • Darkly Venus says:

      The ‘Hurty-ness’ and crying was convincing I thought.

  2. Feline Aphrodite says:

    UM blogs are totally riddled with the ‘Meism disease.’
    It is really really sad that these poor people have been so brainwashed and are so controlled by SB that they do not see how sad and embarrassing their blogs are.
    Elementary stuff, cleaning out your handbag duh!

    • Nancy Drew says:

      What a coincidence!

      I recently bought myself a new hand bag, because my old one made me realise how much out of touch I was with my selfness. I bought my old bag to match my summer coat, years ago. It didn’t match anything I own even, anymore.
      Also, it had just one little extra compartment and was completely disorganized because of this. I just threw anything in it and started digging if I needed anything out of it.

      My new one matches my coat and shoes and has 7 different compartments, if you count out the 3 cellphone facilities it also has. I was thrilled when I saw all that and imagined my livingness being this organized.
      However in reality it’s beyond confuseness: opening 7 zippers before I find what it actually was I was looking for, takes one hell of a lot of time. But at least I am living in connectionness with my coat and shoes again and see the 7 zipper thing as the ultimate Zen expirience.

      Who the F*** needs Serge to figure that out..? Duh!

  3. Grian says:

    I think some of the comments in this post do not present your usual valid criticisms in as good a light as possible. I read this site with interest because of past association with UM – no longer. But this post seems to me in places to have a very unpleasant (?) tinge to it that I am uncomfortable with.

    • It’s a fair comment.

      I’m sure my writing would improve immensely if this job was better paid.

      Or paid.

      My personality too.

    • pranabunny says:

      Fair point, Grian. I think Her Royal Pranic Highness is doing a stellar job exposing Sergio and the ‘truths’ about UM that aren’t truths but the bizarre ideas of a narcissist. And don’t we all jst want to scream BULLSH*T sometimes, rather than play fair and be nice? I picked up on the ‘unpleasant tinge’ you mentioned, too. The comments made me chuckle. Which is good! I love me a bit of sarcasm. But in places I felt (sorry, thought!) the comments veered into ‘ shut up, you’re brainwashed’ territory. Which feeds Sergios idea of evil them versus holy UM and probably doesn’t do much good.
      I love the idea of picking apart a WIL blog post and saying everything you can never say on the looney blog! Maybe if the next one was a tad more fact-based and a bit less sarcastic?

      • I can’t tell you how hard it is to RESTRAIN myself. I’ll find something to bite down on. Or ask Rachel Hall for some happy gas.

        Anyway, I won’t be doing a lot of writing here, if that makes any of you feel better. The blog is really a space to throw ‘materials’ you won’t find in the cult’s propaganda. You can ‘feel’ it for yourself.

        The other day I challenged someone new to the UM horror – a scientist – to read a set of EDG notes without both swearing and laughing loudly. He couldn’t do it, lol.

  4. Winston says:

    “Handbag over your head” that’s funny tee hee hee

  5. The grinder says:

    What’s even more incredible about Rebecca’s loving musings is like many cult girls she is firmly single. Her family are all card carrying serge groupies. That’s the quality you bring with esoteric self love. Just like serge she is totally unqualified to talk about relationships.

  6. tlcook2012 says:

    I will be working in the kitchen at the Lennox retreat again this year. From my experience they are one of the most considerate easy going groups we have had over the last 11 years that I have been working there.

    The UMr’s probably don’t bother with your blogs because there is nothing but ridicule and scorn that follows no matter what they say.

    You people are just mean. Go do something productive.

    • Winston says:

      Yeah cause they are all off their heads. Cookem up some dairy and some big fat gluten filled buns and see how easy going they are.

      • tlcook2012 says:

        Are you saying I could cook up some meat dishes for the Seventh Day Adventists?. Pork for the Muslims and Jews?. Alcohol for the AA conventions?. Vegetarian for the footballers? And they wouldn’t have a problem with that?

        We cater for peoples dietary needs.

        It seems to work better that way.

        • No cook, you might mean well, but you’re a cook, not a nutritionist. You’re not catering for people’s dietary needs, because there’s no nutritional basis or value to the Esoteric diet. You’re catering to the whims of a manipulator who’s deliberately enfeebling his followers to keep them compliant. Tell us, over 11 years, how many foods have been struck off the diet? And why? What’s the latest? What’s wrong with eating potato? Or rice? Or beef? Or miso? Or vinegar? Explain what dietary needs a large group of people would have that requires the elimination of all those, plus gluten, dairy, grains, all other root vegetables and the rest of that barmy list.

          Winston’s right. They’re easy going and considerate until you start asking questions, or want to do something other than what Serge says.

          And you obviously haven’t read very widely on our blogs. You’ve gone to some trouble to defend UMers, but what do you have to say about the images of Serge gripping genitals as a healing for sexual abuse. Are you okay with the recent posts on the Rick Ross forum documenting Serge describing the sexual abuse of adolescent girls? Are you comfortable with adolescent girls staying in his home for extended periods?

          And seriously, until UMers start addressing those questions, and a lot more, they’ll cop ridicule and scorn, and legal and regulatory scrutiny too.

          I might be ‘mean’ and sarcastic, but I’m not telling people their bodies are full of toxic energy, emotions are the cause of all disease, then handling their breasts and genitals, calling it ‘healing’ and charging for it. Repeatedly. For years. Perhaps you think that’s productive. We think it’s abuse.

        • tlcook2012 says:

          They are a happy, kind and valued group to have as clients.

          I think your time could be better spent than writing prejudiced nasty and assuming blogs.

        • You didn’t answer the questions.

          And keep reading cook. I’ll be posting material that comes from within the cult. Serge’s writings, student notes and other stuff. If you want to defend UM, come back and defend the content.

    • You know whos Brother says:

      TL Cook- the followers are generally individually nice people. Who said they weren’t? Their collective behavior as cult members is on the other hand a completely different thing. I am not being facetious in saying that if you had of catered a Nazi conference I am sure you would have the exact same impression. Because you see some nice people milling around and speaking gently doesn’t mean that its all good. I guess you know Serge and think of him as an okay guy, but he ain’t. He’s running a cult, and sucking stacks of cash out of those well meaning folk. He actively promotes breaking up families. We know of scores that have collapsed as a result of his esoteric ‘love’. I am not sure what you can hear from the kitchen, but up in that hall he is filling their heads with all sort of poisons and rebadging it ‘love and light’. He’s clearly a liar, got a strange interest in young girls and has some other skeletons ratting around in his closets I am sure you wouldn’t want to believe and the day you read it in the news you’ll go ‘ohhhhh’. We ain’t mean. Rather, we are well meaning. Why else would we bother? Now I hope you’ve got Serge’s food chart of evil foods so you don’t accidentally poison anyone with prana and damn them to more lives of bad karma, murder and pedophilia.

    • Darkly Venus says:

      I like the bit about the cult ignoring our blogs. That’s not what our page hits say. And yes they ignored them so much, Universal Law went to the effort of getting Google to shut us down – putting in individual applications for 60 something blogposts. That’s hard core ‘ignoring’.

      Dear Cook, You might have been working in the kitchen when I was at a Sacred Esoteric Healing workshop in 2005. I remember the food was really good, but I also remember being served dishes with rice and root veges at least.

      I also remember it being an exceptionally nice group of people, except for a couple of vipers among Serge’s ‘gentle’ and ‘lovely’ bodyguards. It was tough because I was aware how nice most people were, but also how powerful and dangerous the manipulation was.

      After a few exorcism sessions in that workshop, I saw people reduced to jibbering messes – psychologically and emotionally stripped down. It was horrifying.

      I also heard that some people attending the coming retreats and workshops work in casual jobs on low wages and have to borrow money to attend these damaging ‘events’.

      You might also want to bear in mind that a good portion of people reading the blogs critical of UM are reading because they’ve experienced the damage and destruction first hand. So when you defend the people profiting from this mess, you’re denying and denigrating a lot of people’s suffering.

      You might want to think about that.

      • The grinder says:

        I’ve lost 3 best friends over the years to Serge’s bullshit. They wont talk to me because I am pranic and because i challenged them on their oh so seriously warped idea’s. All of them are now single. Their partners were/area good guys, they just did the same thing as me. But most people are like the cook. They see a facade and think that is it what it seems. I know that since the long overdue media attention that the girls defend Serge’s transgressions by going on about how great they are now and they owe it all to him. They are not great. They are far lesser people than they used to be, with a far less rich life. The destruction around Serge is immense and he should be stopped. Keep up the good work and get stuffed apologetic cook [and possible cult member]

  7. ''OverLeonardo'sBullshit'' says:

    Of course you would say that about them tlcook2012, youre on the payroll, and they have to be nice to you, because they dont want you spitting in thier food, lol. You know nothing and are just are cook, dont make the same mistake your employer the bankrupt ex tennis coach made and wake up with this silly notion your “the one” or your fucking ”amazing”, because your not !!!

  8. Winston says:

    TLcook will now disappear as we have now provided too much “food for thought”.
    One question I do have why would the cook be looking on such a thread?
    You would be better finding new recipes for the troops. Try this is an all day search. I’ll save you time… won’t find anything cause there is no such thing……unless you like yr ass burned off by chillies.

  9. tlcook2012 says:

    I don’t have time to answer all your questions and accusations. It would go on forever. And change nothing.

    From reading your blogs you are clearly looking for confrontation.

    I have 300 UM’rs in attendance this week and I will respect them and their choices as I do any other group. I expect most decent people would treat me the same.

    While on your Jihad just try and be nice. You might get better results.

    • But you have time to come here and accuse us of jihadism, as if we’re the fundamentalists. Except you’re free to come here and express your opinion. We are not shown that courtesy on the propaganda blogs, and believe me, many who’ve tried to ask questions have done so nicely. Far more nicely than I would bother to. I could try and be nice, but there is nothing nice about the facts about UM. Esoteric NICE appears to be the entitlement to smash people’s lives but appear to smooth things over with smiley faces and hugs.

      We ARE looking for confrontation. We’d like the cult to confront the harm they’re doing. The damage to health, spirituality, finances, families, relationships, the minds and health of children. The molestation, the lies…Personally I’d respect the self loving choices of UMers if the harm was confined to themselves, but it’s not. And UM is actively profiting from the havoc they’re creating at the expense of the vulnerable.

      You still didn’t answer the questions. But you’ve sensed correctly, your answers would change nothing because you can’t justify your responses to any of the questions.

      Give it a try. Answer one, answer any. Our readers aren’t fools. They can make up their own minds. The difference is, on this site, you get the chance to have your say and they get the chance to read BOTH sides.

    • You know whos Brother says:

      You’re definitely in the group TLcook or a cock-eyed apologist. A jihad is a struggle with ones self or against those that don’t believe. That is a better description of the members than us. I don’t know your relationship to the group, but how you think nice will sort out an organisation that rakes in millions in cash (do the maths this week while you toil over the fiery food) run by a nasty con-man perv will work I don’t know. We’re at the coal face of the effects of this cult as people are spat out the other side. We’ve seen families ripped apart, kids in trauma counseling, ex-members overcoming severe emotional issues, and worked out the labyrinth of shenanigans that Serge and the cult are up to which is disturbing. But you’ve reacted like all members which is to ignore all that and say “respect me for my choices”. Well TL, we contend the choices are removed via covert thought-reform, fear mongering and involving them (you) in the fantasies of a sick narcissist. And having seen first hand the changes in loved ones I am not going to keep confronting the cult and anyone that apologies for them out of ignorance or belief. And it will change something, because eventually the full criminality of it will be exposed. I expect you to eat your words then, but perhaps not this weeks menu.

  10. tlcook2012 says:

    Thanks for letting me express my opinion.

    • You know whos Brother says:

      Hi TL, it’s great you can comment here at least, even if you think it’s a bit hostile. I know on the love blogs their rule is ‘they don’t play ball’ with ‘trolls’ (aka, anyone that doesn’t blow wind up their arses) which leads me to the question, after the debacle a while back with all the recreation centre staff detesting Serge and his increasing demands, I recollect hearing Serge spent a lot of time doing that very thing to (I assume) you. So are you directly on the payroll now for the event or still working for the S&R centre?

      • tlcook2012 says:

        Hi, Not sure about staff detesting or any debacle. Not anything that hasn’t been resolved or worked out. I guess any job has is share of challenges.

        I have never heard Serge make demands. He asks. We try to accommodate while working within budget and capabilities. Serge & Miranda are always reasonable, and do their best to work with us.

        I have had the privilege to work as a full time Chef for NSW Dept Sport & Rec for over 10 years now.

      • billy goat says:

        Be honest Cookie you cook what SB asks and you get paid. What’s with the crap about working in? Can you give some inside goss? Does his first wife have any input to what’s dished up?

  11. ''OverLeonardo'sBullshit'' says:

    Apart from Serge being nothing more than a con-man, 300 people are prepared to listen to 4 day’s of absolute Bullshit from him, which he call’s an “Investment” well WTF. 300 x $1590.00= $477000.00. Take out $7000.00 for Cookie Catering and Hall Hire and Ching Ching $$$$$$$$
    And No we dont pay Tax, we’re are Charity. Yes ”Cookie” keep defending him, he need’s it, LMAO

  12. billy goat says:

    Hey Cookie personally I don ‘t really care what followers have to say. We have heard your polorised garbage and prolific repetition. All anyone really cares about is informing the potential new followers of facts so they can make their own decisions and run for the hills. The more we inform the public and government the more we help families and friends. Your mob are repressive and distroy people that once were generally good people and for that I will never forgive. Serge and his practitioners are scum of this fine earth we live on. They copy, they change their views and they prey on humans and tear their true personalities away for money. Instead of having a bullshit retreat have an open forum, Q and A. Maybe you could cook up a feed and invite a few professionals to keep it real. The Phantom dressed in purple…..ooooh shucks he was fictitious too.